Leiden University Employees

Leiden University Employees

Sports for University Employees

Welcome to the University Sports Centre, where Leiden University employees can prioritize their health and well-being by engaging in sports activities at a discounted employee rate. Whether your aim is to improve your fitness, join our group classes, or work towards a healthier lifestyle, you've come to the right place at USC Leiden!

Fiscal advantage

As a Leiden University employee you have access to all USC facilities at a reduced rate. Through the Employment Individual Choices Model, you can also use your gross salary to pay your sports membership. You will not be taxed on this part of your salary. This can result in a potential tax benefit of approximately €120,- depending on your gross salary. For more information about the Employment Individual Choices Model, please visit the employee website.

What USC Leiden Offers You

As a member of the University Sports Centre, you get access to our three (fitness) locations in Leiden and The Hague. You can participate in a diverse range of group classes, go to the fitness, or enjoy a refreshing swim in one of the six swimming pools across Leiden and The Hague. Additionally, you can engage in tennis courses, reserve sports fields, courts, or halls to engage in sports activities with your colleagues. You can also have a personal fitness program put together based on your personal goals

Circuit Training for Employees

Have you ever experienced our circuit training sessions for employees at Plex-Fit on Wednesdays 08:05 hrs - 09:00 hrs? These classes are the ideal blend of strength and cardio exercises, providing you with an efficient workout in a shorter timeframe. Employees who have participated in these sessions have reported increased strength, improved fitness, and a great deal of enjoyment. You do not have to register for this class. You do need an active USC Membership.

Natascha, instructor at Plex-Fit, shares her enthusiasm about the circuit training for employees

"I always give 100% in my classes, and I strive to convey my enthusiasm to the group. Creating a positive atmosphere in the lessons and ensuring the correct execution of exercises are my top priorities. It's truly rewarding for me when sporters leave our training sessions feeling accomplished, having exercised intensively and with great enjoyment!"

Gerrit Vooys, Head of the Functional Application Management Department at SOZ, shares his experience

"I frequently take part in the morning circuit training sessions. These sessions are well-timed before work, allowing me to exercise, shower and start my workday by 9:15 am. These mornings are undoubtedly the highlight of my workweek because I start the day feeling energetic. The diversity of exercises and Natascha's enthusiastic guidance make these sessions truly enjoyable. Exercising with colleagues from different faculties during the 'employee hour' on Wednesday mornings is a lot of fun!"

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