Swimming Leiden


Swimming Leiden

Swimming at the USC

Besides being a competition sport, for many people swimming is an ideal way to work on staying active and improving their health in a relaxing way. With your sport subscription you can swim for free at certain times in one of the two swimming pools located in Leiden. Stiff muscles function far better under water and less strain is placed on joints. In addition to burning considerably more calories when exercising in water, it also improves your stamina, suppleness, heart and lungs. Swimming is therefore a welcome and relaxing change to your weekly workout schedule. Combine fitness, swimming and group classes and stay in balance!

Sport schedule Aquamania training

Day Start End Activity Location
Monday 22.15 23.15 Training Aquamania De Zijl Recreation pool
Monday 21.45 22.45 Aquamania Waterpolo De Zijl Competition pool
Wednesday 21.30 22.30 Aquamania Waterpolo 5 Meibad Competition pool
Thursday 21.30 22.30 Training Aquamania De Zijl Competition pool

USC Membership and free swimming

  1. You can only use the pool if you have a valid membership at the USC. Free swimming is not possible with an inspiration pass.
  2. Registration is required, see the registration rules.
  3. Access to the swimming pool is through the USC App and by scanning the QR code at the reception.

Free swimming Leiden

Swimming pool De Zijl, Paramaribostraat 66, Leiden

Tuesday Recreatiebad 20.00 - 21.00 Free swimming Entrance from 19.45
Friday Recreatiebad 20.00 - 21.00 Free swimming Entrance from 19.45

Combibad De Vliet, Voorschoterweg 6 Leiden

Monday07.00 -11.00Free swimming
07.00 -12.00Free swimming
Wednesday07.00 -12.00Free swimming
Thursday12.30 -15.30Free swimming
Sunday10.30 -13.30Free swimming

NB. Entrance up to 15 minutes before the end of free swimming.

Both swimming pools have lockers where you can store your valuables/clothes while swimming. The use of lockers is €0,50. This is a non refunadable fee. You have to pay cash.

In the fall and winter, swimming pool De Zijl is not accessible for Student Swimming on the last Friday of the month due to Disco swimming. Check out the closing times of the swimming pools here.


Swimmers such as Michael Phelps always make an impression with their muscular and athletic physique. As well as fitness, strength plays an important role when competing at the top. That is the reason that many top swimmers spend hours in the gym working on their starting speed, explosive strength and stamina in addition to hours spent in the pool. Train daily swimming for free at De Zijl or the 5 Meibad, or join in with the sessions at the Aquamania student organisation in Leiden. For a training routine focused on improving your swimming fitness, come to the gym.


Swimming uses practically every muscle in the body. Good strength training on dry land should be focused on improving the stamina and strength in arms and legs. Strong abdominal and back muscles are also important. For preference, use flexible cords or elastics. Using dumbbells, you can also practise the various swimming techniques. Customise your training to fit your swimming goals and the number of laps you swim during a competition. Ask our fitness instructors for a fitness schedule to fit your needs.


If you would like to start swimming in a fun and responsible way, come to Aquamania for 2 swimming sessions per week.  You will work on your fitness and swimming technique under the guidance of an instructor.  All levels are catered for - from recreational school swimmer or someone starting water polo to butterfly stroke expert or polo beast (M/F).  Work on fitness, a powerful body and a healthy mind through play.  Want to take part in a student competition?  Such fun!  Join in a free trial session.

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