Swimming at the USC

Besides being a competition sport, for many people swimming is an ideal way to work on staying active and improving their health in a relaxing way. With your sport subscription you can swim for free at certain times in one of the two swimming pools located in Leiden. Stiff muscles function far better under water and less strain is placed on joints. In addition to burning considerably more calories when exercising in water, it also improves your stamina, suppleness, heart and lungs. Swimming is therefore a welcome and relaxing change to your weekly workout schedule. Combine fitness, swimming and group classes and stay in balance!

USC Membership and swimming

  1. You can only use the pool if you have a valid membership at the USC.
  2. Show De Zijl employees your membership using the USC APP.
  3. Via 'My menu' and then 'subscriptions' you can show them your valid membership.
  4. Please have your app open on the right page when approaching the reception so you can be helped quickly.

Free swimming to 20 July 2020

Swimming pool De Zijl, Paramaribostraat 66, Leiden

Tuesday Recreatiebad 18.30 - 20.45 Free swimming
Friday Recreatiebad 19.00 - 21.00 Free swimming

Free swimming to 21 July 2020 to 30 Augustus 2020

Swimming pool De Zijl, Paramaribostraat 66, Leiden

TuesdayRecreatiebad12.00 -17.00Free swimming
FridayRecreatiebad12.00 -17.00Free swimming

NB: due to the corona measures only a limited number of people are allowed in the pool. You might have to wait your turn. Please take note of the corona measures as published om www.leidswater.nl and in De Zijl and always follow the instructions of the employee's of De Zijl.

  1. Come alone and at the right time;
  2. Come to the accommodation no earlier than 5 minutes before the agreed start time;
  3. Always follow the instructions of authorized persons;
  4. Go to the toilet at home before the pool visit;
  5. Put on the swimwear at home. At a designated location in the bathing facility, as a swimmer you only have to take off the “overclothes”, but them in your bag and store that in the designated place, including shoes. After swimming you can change in the designated areas;
  6. Disinfect your hands on entry and exit;
  7. Limit the use of unnecessary areas in the accommodation;
  8. Shower at home before and after swimming;
  9. After swimming, leave the accommodation as soon as possible via the routing to the designated exit.
  10. Go home immediately if during the sports activity symptoms arise such as: nose cold, cough, shortness of breath or fever;

NB. Free swimming is not possible with a day membership or inspiration pass.


If you would like to start swimming in a fun and responsible way, come to Aquamania for 2 swimming sessions per week.  You will work on your fitness and swimming technique under the guidance of an instructor.  All levels are catered for - from recreational school swimmer or someone starting water polo to butterfly stroke expert or polo beast (M/F).  Work on fitness, a powerful body and a healthy mind through play.  Want to take part in a student competition?  Such fun!  Join in a free trial session.

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