Salsa Leiden


Salsa Leiden

Salsa at the USC

Dancing has become very popular in the past years. The popularity of programmes such as ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ has put dancing back on the map in the Netherlands. There is a wide variety of dance to choose from at the USC, from Belly dancing to Zumba and from Ballroom dancing to Salsa. There is something fun for everyone who loves to dance.

Lose yourself to the rhythm of the music
Classes are easy to follow – no complicated dance steps - accessible to both young and old. The uplifting salsa, flamenco and hiphop music make every class a party! It doesn’t just make you happy; you are working on losing that extra weight while having fun. More and more boys and men are also finding their way to the dance classes. Streetdance and hiphop in particular are extremely popular!

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Dancing is an ideal way to relax after a hard day’s work or study. It is also a perfect way for the expressive sports person to let their creative energy flow. Above all it is a fun way to make new contacts and expand your social network with an active and creative pastime. At the USC you can choose from a wide variety of dance classes at all levels of experience which ensures your weekly dance class will never become boring!


During the salsa lesson you'll dance pieces individually or in pairs (depending on the teacher). With exquisite Latin music that sounds through the room you work on improving your posture and technique.

Salsa makes you more flexible, it improves your coordination and your sense of rhythm.

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Salsa is a very popular dance of Cuban origin. Salsa means 'sauce'. The name was coined by a popular radio program sponsored by a manufacturer of spicy tomato sauce. The course offers you a blend of different dance styles and rhythms from the Caribbean. A spicy and sensual all-round dance package full of passion and fun courses for every level. 

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