Fitness in Plex-Fit


Fitness in Plex-Fit

Functional Training

Incorporating training into your daily routine is an effective way of increasing body strength and making every day physical activities that bit easier. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to lose weight, gain muscle tone and improve your physique.

With the opening of the all new Plex-Fit in the first week of August 2014 there’s now a great place where you can get down to some serious training in Leiden city centre. We also offer special training sessions for groups. From 25 August 2014 onwards you’ll be able to take part in our circuit training, which consists of a range of training exercises using kettle bells, Corebags, Battle Ropes and Aero-Slings to name but a few. Groups of up to 14 people can be accommodated. You can sign up now via:

PlexFit circuit training: if you register and don't show up we'll fine you €1,-. The fine will be added to your account and as long as it isn't paid you can't use the facilities of the Sports Centre. If you sign up and later cancel your registration we ofcourse won't fine you.

Week schedule 2019-2020

Sport Start End Location Instructor
No schedule for this sport has been announced as of yet.


Particularly when starting out with any sport, it is important to have the right guidance to stay motivated and prevent injury. Working out is the ultimate way to improve your health and work specifically towards achieving your training goals. Once you’ve got the hang of things and are nice and active, it becomes important to keep yourself interested. This can be done by trying out new things or by pushing your limits. This way sport never becomes boring and encourages you to grow. There are qualified instructors present to help you with workout schedules and offer advice. Make good use of them!

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