Club Battle Leiden


Club Battle Leiden

Club Battle at the USC

What is ClubJoy Battle®?

ClubJoy Battle® is an effective training program inspired by movements from karate, boxing, and other martial arts from the Far East. The training consists of dynamic punching and kicking techniques interspersed with calm movements. ClubJoy Battle® is more than just exercise: it engages you both physically and mentally.

What does a ClubJoy Battle® class look like?

A ClubJoy Battle® class is characterized by an Eastern atmosphere combined with Western speed. The music guides you: a strong rhythm alternates with tranquil sounds. The coach challenges you to exhale loudly during the next punching and kicking exercise. The atmosphere and mindset of the Far East allow you to relax from the everyday hustle and bustle during this challenging training.

At the start of each lesson, different combinations of moves are performed to great music. Sometimes the emphasis is on kick techniques and at other times on thrust techniques. In between there will be a short break in which you will bend and stretch and can have a drink. Then it will be time for abdominal exercises and finally a cooling down period.

Is ClubJoy Battle® for me?

ClubJoy Battle® is for anyone who wants to work towards a physical and mental training goal. During the intensive class, you will push yourself to the maximum, but you set your own limits. Young, old, male, female, beginner, or advanced: everyone in the group works towards their own goal with ClubJoy Battle®.

Club Battle, like Club Power and XCore, is a licensed program. The lesson changes every quarter. Each change starts with a release party. As the name suggests, it's a festive start to a new quarter.

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Certain registration rules apply to our group classes, which can be found on this page. Read them carefully.

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