Volleyball Leiden


Volleyball Leiden

Volleyball at the USC

Are you ready for a sport challenge? Do want to play a fun and technical team sport? Are you looking for a friendly team and a socially active organisation? Come and play volleyball at the USC! Volleyball is a sport with many aspects. It is a ball sport that has everything - speed, strength, insight, position-play, technique and most importantly team spirit!

There is plenty of room to play volleyball at the University sports centre. You can do this when you become a member of the SKC volleyball organisation. There is a general volleyball training session that everyone is welcome to come to. You can also play on the beachvolleyball fields - a bright idea for the summer, with a cold beer outside afterwards. Plenty of ways to get acquainted with this multi-faceted and fast-growing sport!

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In volleyball, fitness, strength, ball-skills and speed are the central focus. A beginner will want to focus mainly on technique at first. To improve, you will have to work on your strength and fitness in addition to your volleyball skills and game insight. Increase your jumping power and improve your fitness, reflexes and stability.

Top volleyball players like Ron Zwerver, Peter Blange and Henk Jan Held did not spend time in the gym for nothing. Specific strength training can make all the difference in a game and allow you to respond to situations stronger and faster. It also helps prevent injury. Not only do more muscles provide a better support and stability for joints, they also protect your body when you hit the floor while taking one of the many dives.


A regular visit to our gym will ensure optimal fitness on the field. You will focus mainly on increasing your muscle strength and power. Be sure to include all the major muscle groups in your training schedule, concentrating mainly on leg and gluteal muscles to improve your jumping strength; chest and shoulders for a better serve and smash; and abdominal muscles for a stronger block. Strength training helps you to prevent injury and ensures that you have even more fun while playing the game. Ask our fitness instructors for a workout schedule to fit your needs.


If you have become curious after reading this brochure, come along for a trial training. If you like it you can then decide to join. At SKC you train once or twice a week and play in the competition of the Dutch Volleyball Association. There is also free play on Sunday. This is accessible to everyone. You can also reserve a Hall or Beach Volleyball court if you want to play Volleyball or want to train extra. In addition to Volleyball, SKC also devotes a lot of attention to drinks, various parties and other activities. SKC organizes several major events every year, such as the Team Presentation Party and the Leiden Night Tournament. Visit the SKC website for an impression of the atmosphere and more information, www.skcvolleybal.nl.

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