Football Leiden


Football Leiden

Football at the USC

The unique mix of players on the field ensures a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. Consisting mainly of students from Leiden, international students, researchers that have ended up at the club through the university, plus a handful of authentic, seasoned residents of Leiden - this varied group brings interesting football to the field! That’s football at the USC!

A great sport to improve your fitness and boost your stamina in particular. At the USC, you can play at a variety of levels in one of our women’s or men’s teams. We have a brand new FIFA 2 quality pitch and new changing rooms that would be the envy of any club.

And that’s not all. Football cleanses body and soul. We call this ‘relaxation through exertion’. Join us in the bar for the ‘third half’!

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These days, talent is no longer enough to become a great football player. As well as talent and insight, great fitness and physical strength make all the difference. It’s not without good reason that top footballers such as Christiano Ronaldo and Drogba undergo strength and fitness training 4 to 5 times a week. At the USC we have an extensive gym and motivated fitness instructors to help you improve your performance on the field. If you are dealing with an injury, you can visit our physiotherapists at the sports centre. They will help you to quickly regain your fitness!


Together with our fitness instructors you can work specifically on improving your performance on the field. With a schedule created to fit your needs, we can work together on your personal areas of improvement, for example fitness, strength, (starting) speed, jump- and shot-strength or stability. Improving your core stability, balance, coordination, agility and strength will make you stronger and fitter. This can be done individually or as part of a team.


Come and train with us - get a taste of the atmosphere and sign up to play in the league. Everyone is more than welcome, including beginners, as this year we will have a minimum of two extra teams. In addition to this, the USC will be competing in the KNVB league this year as the Football Factory. Depending on the team that you play for, you can train with LW Football Factory once or twice a week.

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