The University Sports Center is accessible to everyone. Students and employees of Leiden University as well as external people and companies can all become a member at the USC.

*All prices are excluding a one-off joining fee of €13,95.

General terms, conditions and privacy

Required for registration and renewal

Rates Leiden and The Hague

Different rates apply for Leiden and The Hague. You can't sport in The Hague with a Leiden membership and vice versa. It's possible to buy a combination membership so you can sport in both cities. If you already have a membership for either city you can upgrade it to a combination membership at the USC or The Buzz front desks. It's not possible to do this online. In Leiden, HBO students fall under the 'Student rates' and in The Hague under the 'External rates'. It's also possible to buy a membership for both locations. In this case HBO students fall under the 'Student rates'.

Free inspiration pass

Would you like to see what the USC is all about? With an inspiration pass you can try out everything one day free of charge. Participate in our group lessons, training courses of our student sports associations or come workout in our gym. You can even try out several things. For example, 1 hour of fitness and 2 group lessons, as long as it is on the same day! Keep in mind that you have to register for all activities, so be on time. Create an account, without obligation, and the staff at the front office will help you out further. Please note, this inspiration pass cannot be used to reserve sport halls/fields, tennis courts, courses or swimming pool visits.

Sports associations

Would you like to join Hockeyclub Thor, LVV Leicrosse, Football Factory, Panic Frisbee, Aquamania or LSRG? These associations have a separate contract with the USC regarding contributions. Before purchasing a sports subscription, first inquire with the relevant association what these agreements are.

Individual Choices Model

Leiden University staff members are eligible for an allowance for their annual gym membership. This allowance does not cover all the expenses, but the use of gross income means you benefit from a tax advantage. Read on for more information.


All married partners and partners of members of the USC with a registered partnership may purchase a subscription to the USC at the same rate as their partner. When purchasing the subscription you need to bring proof of your official partnership.


The University Sports Centre has a lot in store for you. Find out what a membership entails.

For companies

Companies in the Bio Science Park have the opportunity of signing a USC Company Membership contract.

Tennis courses

The USC offers tennis courses at various levels. You can sign up for a small fee and with your valid USC membership for one of these courses.

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