Exam candidates

Exam candidates

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The University Sports Centre not only accommodates more than 55 sports but also serves as an examination center. Throughout the academic year, thousands of students come to us to take exams. Our sports halls are utilized and transformed into examination venues. After the exams, all tables and chairs are disassembled to make room for the group classes and student sport association sport activities that take place in our halls.


Before or after your exam, you are welcome in our Sports Café. Here, you can enjoy a wide range of dishes and beverages. From healthy options to snacks, our café caters to all tastes. The numerous seating areas also provide an ideal environment to have one last look at your study materials. Naturally, just like in other university buildings, you have access to the internet within our premises via your Eduroam account.

For more information about the menu and the opening hours of our Sports Café, please visit this page.


The entrance to our building is located at the rear of the building. Upon arrival at our sports center, you will walk through the Sports Café and pass through the entrance gates at our Front Office. Specific information about the locations and times of the exams is displayed here. Additionally, the invigilators can direct you to the correct hall. Our goal is to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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