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We have a new vacancy open for the position of ‘Floormanager’ for the Front-Office, General Service and Hospitality cluster. You can respond until January, 1st 2023.

As a Floor Manager, you ensure that everything in the Front Office, General Service and Hospitality teams runs smoothly at our USC, providing excellent service to athletes, employees and visitors. You know how to stimulate cooperation within the teams and to coach employees with enthusiasm. You also ensure that business operations run optimally and objectives are achieved. And all this in a sporty environment with and for students.

For more information about this position and/or procedure, please contact Annette van Lookeren Campagne, Head of the University Sports Centre. Email: a.c.van.lookeren.

Runner Trainer

Are you the person who makes Leiden students and employees of Leiden University enthusiastic about running or motivates them to run better? We are looking for a running trainer who can provide high-quality running training (in English). Do you have a (basic) running trainers diploma from the Athletics Union, can you make training schedules and do you have an affinity with our target group? Please contact Lonneke Derriks at

Fitness substitute trainers

We're looking for substitute trainers for the fitness. Requirements: Fitness A and B or their equivalents. Interested, contact Ramon Wolf (fitness coördinator) at

Spinning substitute trainers

We're looking for substitute trainers for the Spinning classes. Are you an experienced instructor and would you like to give classes to young, motivated and enthusiastic spinners? Send an e-mail to Ramon Wolf at

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