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Student Job: Table Setters

We are looking for students who want to join our team as on-call employees for the academic year 2023/2024.

As a table setter, your responsibilities include setting up and clearing tables and chairs in our sports halls for the University of Leiden and the University of Applied Sciences Leiden exams.

Interested? Contact Arnoud Bloem at

View the following document for the full vacancy:

Runner Trainer

Are you the person who makes Leiden students and employees of Leiden University enthusiastic about running or motivates them to run better? We are looking for a running trainer who can provide high-quality running training (in English).

Do you have a (basic) running trainers diploma from the Athletics Union, can you make training schedules and do you have an affinity with our target group? Please contact Lonneke Derriks at

Fitness substitute trainers

We're looking for substitute trainers for the fitness. Requirements: Fitness A and B or their equivalents. Interested? Contact Ramon Wolf (fitness coördinator) at

Spinning substitute trainers

We're looking for substitute trainers for the Spinning classes. Are you an experienced instructor and would you like to give classes to young, motivated and enthusiastic spinners? Send an e-mail to Ramon Wolf at

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