Construction work Einsteinweg

Construction work Einsteinweg

Construction work Einsteinweg

from Monday, May 6th until the beginning of August

Construction work Einsteinweg

The Einsteinweg between Zernikedreef and Ehrenfestweg will be under construction from Monday, May 6th. The work area consists of 2 phases, 2A on the north side of Einsteinweg, and then phase 2B on the south side. The construction is expected to last until the beginning of August 2024.

Activities phase 2A - North side

May 6 - Early June

During the activities in phase 2A, the entire roadway, as well as the bike path and footpath, were excavated. To make the sewer future-proof, an additional manhole, culvert, and rainwater drainage were installed. The culvert connects the two ditches. New asphalt was also applied.

Activities phase 2B - South side

Early June - Early August

During the activities in phase 2B, work will be done to create a new layout on the south side of Einsteinweg. Street work, signage installation, and new streetlights will be carried out. These activities are expected to last from early June until early August.

Accessibility of through traffic and USC during phase 2B

During these activities, the work area is closed, and a detour for traffic is set up. Pedestrians and cyclists can pass the work area but cannot cross directly from the USC main building to the sports fields. The diversion route for cyclists and pedestrians to the USC is visible in the image below.

Download the image.

Visitors that travel by car are advised to make use of the Ehrenfestweg parking garage, and walk to our location. Nearby bus stops not affected by the construction include 'Gorlaeus Laboratorium', 'Wassenaarseweg/Corpus', and 'Bio Science Park-Oost'. For more information and up-to-date departure times, consult consult 9292.

For this project, there is an app where all current information, such as schedules and changes, is shared; the BAM Infra Projects app. It can be found in the Play Store and App Store under the name 'BAM Infra Projects'.

Posted on 23 April 2024, at 06:07 PM

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