Registration courses unit 2, 2019-2020

Registration courses unit 2, 2019-2020

Registration courses unit 2, 2019-2020

Registration courses unit 2, 2019-2020

From Monday September 30, 10.00 hrs, you can register once again for a number of courses in UNIT 1 of the 2019-2020 season. Registration is at the front desk of the Sports Centre or via

Registration for most courses is free but mandatory due to the limited availability of places in these courses.

  • Mindfulness has a registration fee of €20,-. Yoga: back to basics has a registration fee of €10,-.
  • Spinning on Heart Frequency is free, registration is mandatory. Participants can bring their own Polar Pro Strap or buy one th the USC Front Desk, the heartsensor can be borrowed from the USC. For further information, check the spinning on heart frequency page.
  • Indoor football has a registration fee of €20,-. Registration for indoor football is only possible at the front desk of the sports centre, not through our website.
Group Classes
Aerial AcrobaticsTimeFirst classLast class
Monday21.00 - 22.1028-10-201916-12-2019
Thursday16.45 - 17.5531-10-201919-12-2019
Bachata (advanced)TimeFirst classLast class
Thursday22.00 - 22.5531-10-201919-12-2019

Boks-techniek beginnersTimeFirst classLast class
Monday17.00 - 17.5528-10-201916-12-2019
BreakdanceTimeFirst classLast class
Tuesday20.00 - 20.5529-10-201917-12-2019

DancehallTimeFirst classLast class
Saturday14.00 - 14.5502-11-201921-12-2019
Hiphop Femme TimeFirst classLast class
Saturday15.00 - 15.5502-11-201921-12-2019
Hoopdance (beginners)TimeFirst classLast class
Wednesday19.00 - 19.5530-10-201918-12-2019
Hoopdance (advanced)TimeFirst classLast class
Wednesday20.00 - 20.5530-10-201918-12-2019
MindfulnessTimeFirst classLast class
Tuesday (English)20.30 - 21.4029-10-201917-12-2019
Pole Fitness TimeFirst classLast class
Monday (beginners)20.00 - 20.5528-10-201916-12-2019
Wednesday (beginners)19.00 - 19.5530-10-201918-12-2019
Wednesday (semi advanced)20.00 - 20.5530-10-201918-12-2019
SalsaTimeFirst classLast class
Monday (beginners)19.00 - 19.5528-10-201916-12-2019
Monday (advanced)20.00 - 20.5528-10-201916-12-2019
Thursday (semi advanced)20.00 - 20.5531-10-201917-12-2019
Spinning on heart rate Time
First classLast class
Tuesday20.00 - 20.5529-10-201922-10-2019
Ballroom dancingTimeFirst classLast class
Wednesday (beginners)20.00 - 20.5530-10-201918-12-2019
Wednesday (beginners)21.00 - 21.5530-10-201918-12-2019
Wednesday (semi advanced)22.00 - 22.5530-10-201918-12-2019
Yoga: back to basicsTimeFirst classLast class
Sunday13.00 - 13.5503-11-201922-12-2019

Indoor FootballTimeFirst gameLast game
Wednesday17.00 - 18.3030-10-201918-12-2019

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