Self defence

Self defence

Self defence at the USC

The USC is organizing a short self-defense course this spring.

The purpose of this course is increasing the sense of security among the participants by learning to respond more effectively to various threatening situations. Therefore, various forms are practiced, in which physical and mental aspects play a role. Participants learn, among other things, to stand up for themselves, indicating boundaries and saying no. Furthermore, they practice with liberation techniques, body weapons, the use of vulnerable places and occasional weapons. We also discuss body posture, appearance and use of voice.

Taking the Self-Defense Course will increase self-confidence and thereby provide a preventative effect in confronting situations. In a threatening situation people will be less likely to panic, overcome fear, respond mentally and (if necessary) physically.

The course consists of 6 classes. Each class lasts 45 minutes. We work with a group of a maximum of 16 people. The groups are mixed: women and men together. The course will be given in English (unless all attendees understand Dutch well).

The course in unit 5 starts on Tuesday, April the 28th at 5:45 pm in the budo hall of the University Sports Center, Einsteinweg 6 in Leiden.

The course leader is an experienced teacher in Japanese self-defense sports jiu-jitsu and has the highest government-recognized teachers degree. He is already affiliated with Leiden University and has extensive experience in giving the Self-Defense Course. During the course he will be assisted by a female assistant.

For information you can contact the teacher directly.

If desired, you can have a conversation with the teacher in advance.

Sport schedule 2019-2020

Day Period Start End Location Instructor
Tuesday Unit 3 17.45 18.30 Budo Hall Hugo
Tuesday Unit 5 17.45 18.30 Budo Hall Hugo

Class 1:
Getting free from being held

Class 2:
How to hit and kick effectively

Class 3:
Use of voice and posture
Various standing defences
Start of defence on the ground

Class 4:
Defence on the ground

Class 5:
Weapons of opportunity

Course 6:
Special requests (situations the participants in the course want to practice)

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