Yoga: Back to Basics

Yoga: Back to Basics

Yoga: Back to Basics at the USC

In a demanding society there is often very little space or attention for oneself. This makes us easy targets for stress and exhaustion so that we are distracted from what we truly want, feel or are. That’s why, at the USC, you can participate in a variety of activities to achieve a better balance and coordination between mind and body.

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Cours schedule 2021-2022

Have you secretly been curious about what yoga can do for your body? We’ve got your back! In the course Yoga: Back to Basics we’re going to talk about just that. The course is taught by two of our experienced yogateachers and is fully focused on the physical postures that we use during our yoga practices. The course aims to answer the questions: What can asana do for your body, how to modify them for your personal needs and what kind of variations do the selected postures have? By using an extra pair of eyes and keeping the group size relatively small there’s more time, space and knowledge to go deeper into the selected asana (physically and in terms of knowledge) than in a regular yogaclass. Feel free to come and satisfy your curiosity during this course and explore the world of asana together!

Course Overview Part 1:

Course Overview Part 2 (Unit 5):

The Yoga Back to Basics part 2 focusses on a new series of postures. This course is a great addition to the Yoga Back to Basics course, but you are also welcome to join this course if you didn’t participate in the “part 1”.

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