Yin Yoga Leiden


Yin Yoga Leiden

Yin Yoga at the USC

In a demanding society there is often very little space or attention for oneself. This makes us easy targets for stress and exhaustion so that we are distracted from what we truly want, feel or are. That’s why, at the USC, you can participate in a variety of activities to achieve a better balance and coordination between mind and body.

Make sure you are on time. Once the class is started, it is no longer possible to join in.

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Yin Yoga is rapidly gaining in popularity in the Netherlands. The poses that you adopt in this form of yoga are intended primarily to improve strength and flexibility in the connective tissue and joints, thus stretching deep muscles and increasing flexibility in the pelvic area. The primary function of these poses is to enable you to sit and meditate in the lotus position for longer. However they also form a great physical activity for people who tend to spend a lot of time sitting.

Poses are held for longer in Yin Yoga, thus allowing you to both recognise and push through your own barriers. You don’t use your body to adopt poses, instead you use the poses to get to know your body better. The relatively calm nature of Yin Yoga lessons appeal to many people. Classes are a pleasure to attend because intensive movement is not required and you finally have the opportunity to dedicate time to your own body

Yin Flow

During the Yin Flow (Gentle flow) Yoga, all movements we make are guided by the rhythm of the breath. This ensures that we become calmer in our heads, because the attention moves to our body.

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