XCore Leiden


XCore Leiden

XCore at the USC

The XCORE (Extreme Core) workout is an ultimate core (the back, abdominal and hip muscles) workout using the XCO shaker, a red tube that contains a moving mass of granules.

At the beginning and at the end of every movement, the XCO shaker provides extra stress to the muscles and connective tissue throughout the body. This special effect is known as "Reactive Impact" and offers you the best training for your core.

The four different sizes of the XCO shaker ensure that both beginners and real XCORE addicts are challenged.

Are normal crunches nothing for you?

With XCORE you will train your abs in a completely different way.

XCORE ensures a strong lower back, reduces susceptibility to injuries, improves coordination and overall balance and improves your core stability, which you also benefit from in other sports.

Train your endurance, strengthen your muscles and connective tissue and burn calories. The 45-minute HIT (High Intensity Interval) workout is an energetic, simple, dynamic and intense core workout.

The music makes the difference: the mix of the latest and best hits makes you want to give everything during the explosive exercises.

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Certain registration rules apply to our group classes and fitness training, which can be found on this page. Read them carefully.

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Together you will achieve more. This not only applies to sport but to almost anything in life. By taking part in the group classes you can enhance your social network while working out and let the group keep you motivated to keep going! Alternate your group classes with specific strength training in the gym for better core stability, more muscle strength and overall stability. This will make you stronger, fitter and more vital. Our fitness instructors are happy to help you create a specific training schedule.

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The workoutroutine changes every 3 months and uses a Tube filled with a special granulate that can move freely within the tube. This tube is easy to handle and can be moved in a wide range of patterns and in many positions.

If you want to be part of this groupfitness revolution join the Sports Centre and become a XCore® presenter. Let's SHAKE your BODY with XCore®!

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