Water polo Leiden


Water polo Leiden

Water polo at the USC

Technique and team spirit but also strength and tactics, for men and women water polo players. Everything converges in this super sport. Supervised by an enthusiastic trainer, we aim to form a complete men’s and women’s team. You will learn the tricks of the trade and you will acquire an eye for the field. Aquamania takes part in all tournaments and plays in a variety of training matches.

Other enjoyable activities are also organised. For more information on water polo, do not hesitate to contact Aquamania.

Sport schedule

Day Begin End Location
Monday Training Aquamania 21.45 22.45 De Zijl
Wednesday Training Aquamania 21.30 22.30 Vijf Meibad

Get inspired!

It’s quite something, water polo. At the AQUAMANIA association you can practise this sport. Polo players of various levels and different backgrounds meet each other in the swimming pool and train either together or individually on their techniques, strengths and team spirit.

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