Tennis at the USC

Important notice: Activities at the USC during this Pandemic are under strict conditions. Read the Rules and Conditions carefully.

Tennis remains extremely popular at the USC. You can play recreationally on one of our 8 outdoor courts, take part in a tennis course or register with Qravel – the most sociable tennis organisation in Leiden.

From beginner to advanced tennis player - you can participate in different ways in this fun, multi-faceted and physically demanding sport. Fast push-offs to be able to reach the ball quickly enough, high jumps to prevent the ball from flying over your head, twisting your upper body backwards to hit a powerful backhand, tightening your back muscles for the perfect serve.


Please adhere to our Corona rules for booking and using a court, read more here.


Whether you are a beginner who has barely held a racquet or an experienced tennis player who rarely leaves the court: Go Qravel and become a Qravel member.  As well as tennis, Qravel organises additional activities such as get-togethers and parties.  Every Thursday we have ‘rackettrekken’, where you have the opportunity to play against new people and meet other Qravellers. 

>> Student Tennis Association Qravel

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