Taido at the USC

‘Martial art with a scientific approach.’ ‘The way of the flesh and the spirit.’ These are some of the ways Taido is described. It is a kind of training in which philosophical depth and the creativity of traditional Japanese martial arts are combined.

The late Dr Seiken Shukemini was a passionate budo sports man who developed Gensui Ryu Karate. But he missed something and devised a totally new martial art: Taido. In this sport the body, fighting, breathing, mystery and Jing and Yang all unite to form a whole. This new sport has been recognised by the Japanese Karate Association. In short: a martial art in which participants do not move along one line when performing avoiding or attacking motions, but use more or less three-dimensional movements. These training sessions require a great deal of self discipline and concentration, aspects to which much attention is paid. The Hokeis, too, are important: systematic routines of techniques and movements with a simulated partner. By frequently repeating these motions, you not only master the martial art but also enhance your health. Taido: the martial art of the 21st century.

Week schedule 2019-2020

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Martial arts are like competing against yourself. Discipline, willpower, understanding your limits and stretching them, falling and getting back up - these are all mental processes that you will learn to deal with and use to your advantage. It is the path to peace and harmony. The USC offers you the chance to get acquainted with a wide variety of martial arts, such as Tai Chi, Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Taido in an easily accessible way. From beginner to advanced athlete!

Why take part?

In addition to answering the question ‘What can I do to protect myself in a real situation?’, martial arts are known for their core values: self-confidence, respect, self-control and increased physical- and mental resilience. Martial arts can be practised by all age groups and by both men and women. Give it a try and find out how much fun it is!

Get inspired!

Taido is a fantastic sport and quite popular at the Sports Centre. Check out this awesome Taido demonstration during the EL CID week 2012 and get inspired to participate!

Manji geri

This is a kick from Taido: manji geri, in which you evade and (counter)attack at the same time. The trick is to let gravity do the work so you get a lot of mass behind the kick.

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