Spinning on heart rate


Spinning on heart rate

Spinning on heart rate at the USC

This training is for everyone who wants to train in a more scientific and effective way.

During the training your heart rate is measured with a Polar sensor and a chest strap. All the information is projected live on the screen. Are you still training in the right zone or are you burning your energy to quick?

On the screen you recognize your own heart rate by number, alias or name that you have entered.

Week schedule 2019-2020

TuesdayCourse unit 1 to 520.0020.55Spinning HallRyan

Procedure registration heart rate

Compared with the previous courses, things have changed. We now work with the Polar Club app. This Polar Club app is the extended version of the Polar heart rate system. To be able to start quickly for the first lesson, you should reate a Polar Flow account at https://flow.polar.com/register.

In this account you have to fill in your personal details. If you know your HRmax (maximum heart rate) during a spinning training, you can adjust it in Polar Flow.

In case you don't know it, the program will calculate this for you (220-age). However, this is an estimate. It is possible that your HFMax will have to be adjusted after your first training in Polar Flow.

With this Polar Flow account you can easily login to the system at the USC just before the lesson. After entering the gym, an Ipad will be available at the desk to register for the training. Here you need your Polar Flow log-in details!

If you do not have your own Polar sensor, you can borrow one of us (please return it afterwards!)

At the beginning of every lesson you can get a Polar sensor on loan, but you should bring your own chest strap where this sensor can be placed. You can of course also bring your own sensor. However, it must have a Bluetooth function. If you do not have a chest strap, you can purchase it at the USC front desk for €10,-.


Although cycling and spinning are endurance sports, explosive strength and strength endurance are of great importance if you want to improve. On short, steep inclinations it can be a choice between ‘keep cycling or getting off’. Whether or not you can stay on your bike is dependent on your explosive strength. As well as this, your strength training mainly needs to focus on improving the maximum endurance capacity - strength that can often be developed and kept up for long periods of time with little resistance or weight.


We would advise specialised strength exercises to increase the strength in the legs, as well as taking part in the spinning classes. Because cycling is demanding on the back and core stability, it is important not to forget these muscle groups. Ask our fitness instructors for a workout schedule to fit your needs.

Virtual Spinning

Virtual spinning classes at the USC are quality 30 minute classes.  These short training sessions are held 5 times a day, so you can attend spinning in the morning or afternoon.  Virtual Spinning is a unique experience with beautiful images of different stages from a number of locations.  Come along, join in and discover how much fun it is!

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