Running at the USC

The USC starts with a new running course! This course is for both beginners and advanced.

Do you also want to appear at the start during the Leiden Marathon weekend? Then register for the course that starts on March 3. Under professional guidance you will be guided as a starting runner to be able to run 5 km. Can you already run 5 km and is the 10 km or half marathon your goal? Then join the advanced group.

Schedule 2019-2020


Start date is March 3. Last training May 12.

We gather in the sports café.

Registration fee 20, -


- 11 weeks on Tuesday evening interval training starting at the USC.

- Schedules to be able to do your endurance runs yourself.

- Personal advice from the trainer by mail and WhattsApp.

- Attention to theory and running technique.

- A great workout outside with fun fellow students!

P.s. Not yet registered for Leiden Marathon? Sign up here. Do not forget to mention that you’re a student. If you do so, you automatically participate in the official Dutch Student Championships.


Running is essentially a part of human nature. Did we not run to hunt in prehistoric times? In today’s busy society many people run to escape the fast pace of life. Running allows us to clear our head and relieve stress.

Through regular training and building up your fitness, you will create the stamina to run your best time in every competition. Not only that, but running is an excellent way to work primarily on your endurance. You will develop excellent heart-lung fitness and burn a high number of calories.


Whether you are sprinting or training for a long distance run, you can improve on your running performance every time. Individual training is also possible on the running track (recognizable by the red top layer) around the outside fields belonging to the USC, or in our gym.

As well as training on the track, the treadmill or in a running group, a great running schedule requires strength training. Strength training is an essential part of developing a solid technique. A good technique is important to be able to keep going for longer periods of time, run at a high speed for longer and to prevent injury. Strength training also helps the runner to become evenly balanced.


The emphasis in working out for runners is on improving the push-off power and raising the stability of the knee and ankle muscles. As many runners also have to deal with lower back pain, another important part of the training is improving core stability. Ask our fitness instructors for a workout schedule to fit your needs to improve your running performance.

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