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Rugby Leiden

Rugby at the USC

‘Rugby is a sport for beasts played by gentlemen.’ Since the founding of the Student Rugby Society of Leiden ( LSRG) in 1960, this rugby society has become renowned in the Dutch and international rugby world. Many well-known players took their first steps on the rugby field at the LSRG. You will train under the management of a coach who has played at the highest level. The competition matches are exciting and challenging. In general, the ‘third half’ has a more ‘liquid’ influence on overall fitness. Want to get acquainted with this multi-faceted team sport? You are more than welcome to come along to a training session.

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A good rugby team has an optimal mix of speed and strength. Players train specifically for their position on the field. Some train more for strength, others for speed. As well as their technical and tactical training on the field, rugby players spend a lot of time at the gym working on building a strong physique. Stronger chest and shoulders, more explosive strength in the legs, stronger abdominal- and back muscles and even more speed and stamina for a short sprint - with a specialised workout schedule and the right nutrition, you will see your performance improve every time whilst also helping to prevent injury.


Working out and rugby go hand in hand. Speed, strength, stability, coordination, stamina and explosiveness can be perfectly trained at our gym. During the summer stop, working out is an ideal way to stay fit and active in preparation for the new season. Ask our fitness instructors for a workout schedule to fit your needs.


If you would like to start playing rugby in a fun way, your best option is to join our society. LSRG has two teams that play at different levels. In recent years we have set our sights on reaching the top in the Netherlands and are getting closer with every step. LSRG trains twice a week, competes and also holds practice competitions and tournaments. The tournaments sometimes take place abroad and always have a party element!

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