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Raja Yoga Leiden

Raja Yoga at the USC

Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga focuses on movement and awareness of the body. Based on the insight gained, we work on strength, flexibility, balance and concentration. The asanas improve or restore balance on a physical, mental or emotional level. Built-up tensions decrease, which increases energy and vitality. Besides the relaxing effect of the asanas, this form of yoga corrects the posture. For example, neck, shoulder, back and abdominal complaints, as well as disorders of a psychosomatic nature, can be prevented, alleviated or remedied. The lessons are intensive and there is a lot of room for individual attention.

Kris at USC

At the USC, Kries provides a complete session of relaxation, stillness, detachment of the body, a short meditation and possibly a number of exercises. It is striking that he never prepared his lessons. He 'feels' (as he puts it himself) what the group wants and then uses the energy he receives to pass on to his students. He never knows in advance how a class will go.

Registration Rules

Certain registration rules apply to our group classes and fitness training, which can be found on this page. Read them carefully.

Week schedule

The teacher

Kries was born in 1945 in Suriname, where he also grew up. Married and with two children, he now lives in Amsterdam. He studied agricultural sciences, after which he worked as a researcher and teacher, among other things. He started yoga in 1970, under the watchful eye of Swami Veda Bharati (spiritual leader of an ashram in India). After being captivated by this form of yoga and meditation, Kries followed various teacher training courses. Since then, and especially now that he is retired, his daily life has increasingly consisted of the practice of the 5000-year-old tradition.

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