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In a demanding society there is often very little space or attention for oneself. This makes us easy targets for stress and exhaustion so that we are distracted from what we truly want, feel or are. That’s why, at the USC, you can participate in a variety of activities to achieve a better balance and coordination between mind and body.

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Certain registration rules apply to our group classes and fitness training, which can be found on this page. Read them carefully.

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Power Yoga is a powerful and dynamic form of yoga that has been derived from Ashtanga Yoga. It was first developed in the 1930s. In Power Yoga physical poses are adopted in succession, all the time supported by breathing techniques. Poses take the form of a series which can vary from lesson to lesson. Each series forms a dynamic whole which is reminiscent in style to a work-out. By focusing attention on your movement and breathing and being aware of your body, you achieve an effect similar to that achieved by runners. During a series you adopt standing, sitting and lying poses one after another.

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