Pilates Leiden


Pilates Leiden

Pilates at the USC

In a demanding society there is often very little space or attention for oneself. This makes us easy targets for stress and exhaustion so that we are distracted from what we truly want, feel or are. That’s why, at the USC, you can participate in a variety of activities to achieve a better balance and coordination between mind and body, including Pilates.

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Participating in Yoga and Body & Mind training helps you to improve your work-, study and sport performance. It also ensures that you are less susceptible to stress and are more comfortable in your own skin. You gently and respectfully push your limits. Not only does muscle elasticity increase, but mentally you will notice that you are better able to recognise and deal with thoughts that cause stress or tension. You are literally expanding your conscience and with that, the way you see yourself and your surroundings.


Pilates is a specific method, created by Joseph Pilates and specially designed to bring the body into balance. It is a class with exercises that can be performed on a practice mat or on special equipment. You engage in movement in a highly collected and controlled manner, while breathing in a certain way. In this way, you work from your core centre, while maintaining fluidity of movement. Most exercises are focused on expanding bodily awareness and allowing energy to flow.

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The Pilates system achieves a number of different results. You increase your lung capacity, achieve better blood circulation and you will breathe more deeply. Muscle firmness and flexibility, especially of the torso, the spine and the pelvis, will be improved which will enhance your posture. As you will become more aware of your body and your movements, you will  definitely benefit from Pilates in your daily life. 

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