Kizomba at the USC!

Kizomba is an Angolan word which stands for ‘Party’! The music it is danced on comes from combining the Zouk music from the French Antilles with native rhythms from Africa, especially Semba from Angola and several rhythms from Portuguese speaking countries, which evolved into a modern genre with a sensual touch mixed with African rhythm which resonates in your soul.

The dance itself is characterized by its sensual style and flow on a romantic rhythm. The style borrows from dances like Zouk, Argentine Tango and Salsa similar to its music. It is a beautiful, intimate and most of all a social partnering dance where you dance with and for your partner, moving as one.

Week schedule 2018-2019

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Who are we?

The lessons are given by Casper Gebuijs, Riccardo Baptista, Larisse Heide and Dasha Zeerman. Casper and Riccardo both have five years of experience in Kizomba and have been teaching for three years now. Larisse has also five years of experience in Kizomba. Dasha started dancing with us three years ago and has found herself completely in Kizomba, whereby she’s been teaching for a year now. Through workshops, bootcamps, lessons and a lot of social dancing we continue to polish our skills in Kizomba. Casper has a lot of experience from dancing Ballroom and Salsa and has developed a special passion for Kizomba. Riccardo has danced Salsa and Bachata for many years and likes to put all his creativity into his Kizomba movements.

Together we will teach you the basics of Kizomba movement, leading and following, lady styling and choreos, sensuality, creativity and developing your own feeling for the music. We want to translate our joy, passion and love for this dance to you, all this to encourage and challenge you to find your own way in what the music tells you and to become one with your partner.

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