Kick Boxing Leiden


Kick Boxing Leiden

Kick Boxing at the USC

Kickboxing is, in short, boxing with kicking techniques. Or in other words, a 'more complete variant,' because you are allowed to kick, but also use your feet, knees, and the like.

Step into the heart-pounding world of kickboxing, where each session is a thrilling journey through the art of combat sports! The adrenaline kicks in from the get-go as the first 15 minutes are dedicated to a high-energy warm-up, setting the stage for the intense training that follows. Then, for 30 minutes, our coach Miguel Mira will guide you through the intricacies of kickboxing techniques, ensuring you master each move with precision and power. In the final 15 minutes put your learning and techniques into practice with some light sparring, where you'll put your newly acquired skills to the test. It's not just a class; it's a full-body workout that leaves you invigorated and ready for anything. The lessons are intended both for beginners and advanced students. Come and enjoy a fun atmosphere where camaraderie and personal growth, thrive above all!

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You may have previously seen it in films because it looks spectacular. Supervised by Ina Alberga, this lesson will be taught weekly in the dojo. Gloves and knee pads are available.

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