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Important notice: Activities at the USC during this Pandemic are under strict conditions. Read the Rules and Conditions carefully.

“There are no styles of karate-do, just varying interpretations of its principles” Kenwa Mabuni. Out of Kenwa Mabuni’s interpretations, a new karate form was born in 1930, and was known as Shito-Ryu.

Karate is becoming Olympic in the next Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and it is getting attention all over the world. Here, we will practice Karate (Shito-ryu) from a competitive point of view. You would be able to learn from the basics to your maximum level regarding the competitions that are arising right now (Karate Premier League, Karate Series A, Karate Youth League, Karate World Championships and, of course, the Olympic Games). You could learn karate in the same way professionals do, and you could compare your progress with your favourite karate competitor.

In our training sessions, we will work both Kata (form) and Kumite (fight with real opponents) in an intense but enjoyable way.

In addition, you can also be graded! Starting from white belt to brown belt. Come here and start your karate way with us, we will have a lot of fun!

Finally, if you are an experienced karate competitor, do not hesitate, we will train for competitions as well!

Registration rules

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Week schedule 2020-2021

The new sports schedule 2020-2021 will be here from 30 August.

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No schedule for this sport has been announced as of yet.

Why take part?

Apart from you like Karate, and you will learn to protect yourself, you would take part in the Karate World as we know nowadays, not a small group doing their own Karate, but the World Karate Federation.


Karate also offers what other martial arts, which are known for their core values: self-confidence, respect, self-control and increased physical and mental resilience. And, of course, martial arts, in this case Karate, can be practised by all age groups and by both men and women.

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