Jumping Fitness Leiden


Jumping Fitness Leiden

Jumping Fitness at the USC

Jumping Fitness is an energetic conditioning workout performed on special trampolines. It combines traditional aerobic moves with intense jumps to music, providing an effective and enjoyable workout that enhances balance, coordination, and fitness.

At the USC, the class begins with setting up the trampolines and adjusting the handle bars to the correct height. Following this, a light warm-up ensues with less intense jumps. As the class progresses, the jumps become more intense and coordinated with the rhythm of the music, with a small choreography performed for each song. The music ranges from Latin to top 40 and other cheerful tunes, contributing to the fun and dynamic atmosphere of the class. The session concludes with abdominal exercises and stretching to relax and recover the muscles. Jumping Fitness is suitable for everyone and offers a fun and effective way to stay fit.

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