Jiu Jitsu Leiden


Jiu Jitsu Leiden

Jiu Jitsu at the USC

Jiu Jitsu, will teach you ways of dealing with unwelcome, possibly armed opponents. Every season a number of general district training sessions are organised at every level.

Registration rules

Certain registration rules apply to our group classes and fitness training, which can be found on this page. Read them carefully.

Week schedule

Martial arts are like competing against yourself. Discipline, willpower, understanding your limits and stretching them, falling and getting back up - these are all mental processes that you will learn to deal with and use to your advantage. It is the path to peace and harmony. The USC offers you the chance to get acquainted with a wide variety of martial arts, such as Tai Chi, Jiu Jitsu, Karate and Judo in an easily accessible way. From beginner to advanced athlete!

Why take part?

In addition to answering the question ‘What can I do to protect myself in a real situation?’, martial arts are known for their core values: self-confidence, respect, self-control and increased physical- and mental resilience. Martial arts can be practised by all age groups and by both men and women. Give it a try and find out how much fun it is!

Budokas from an other universities regularly come and visit Leiden or we join them in a training session. Also have a look at Jiu Jitsu Leiden.

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