Indoor Fitness


Indoor Fitness

Fitness at the USC

Important: We can offer sports activities at the USC during this crisis under strict conditions. Therefore, read the rules carefully.

Some of the fitness equipment is now on the grounds of the main USC building under a tent. Because there is limited space, we apply a number of rules that everyone will have to adhere to.

So pay attention to the location for which you make a reservation, and adjust your training program to the available equipment per location. This is of course possible in consultation with the USC fitness instructor.

Additional Rules and Conditions


If you cannot go to the reservation, please take the following into account:

Cancel the reservation before the reservation starts. If you have not canceled and do not show up at the reservation, it will temporarily not be possible to make a new reservation. It can also have further consequences for the availability of your subscription or, for example, a fine.

Indoor Fitness

1 x rowing machine
5 x treadmill
1 x climb mill
10 x cross-trainer
4 x upright bike
1 x comfort bike
Dumbbells 1 t/m 10 kg
1 x verstelbaar bankje
1 x shoulder press
1 x back extension
1 x rotary torso
1 x abdominal crunch
1 x chest press
1 x abductor
1 x adductor
1 x seated row
1 x lat pull down
1 x leg extension
1 x leg curl
1 x leg press
1 x glute

Outdoor Fitness

When working out you can train everything - strength, speed, stamina, agility and coordination. Want to get fitter, gain some muscle, lose some weight, tone up or achieve even better competition results?

With your sport subscription you can enjoy many types of workout and strength training in one of our gyms. With a hypermodern workout area, plenty of cardio equipment and functional training zone, we can offer you a varied selection that will never get boring. We have the latest equipment, virtual-active and with iPod connection. The hall has been designed so that everyone can work out at their own level towards personal goals. Our coaches are specialised in Fitness; they would love to tell you more about the possibilities and help you with a workout schedule to fit your needs. Ask them for information on how to enhance your weekly sport activities with a series of specialised strength exercises.

Anything’s possible. Anyone can join in, regardless of starting point. So make your dreams come true!


Whether you want to slim down, run a marathon, improve your football skills or just become more comfortable in your own skin, Fitness & Strength training is an essential part of improving your health and achieving your sport goals. The improvement of core-stability, muscle strength, balance, coordination and agility makes you stronger and fitter plus increases vitality. Your posture improves, your bones stay strong. All this ensures that working out never gets boring and you will transform from a couch potato to a go-getter!

Fitness instruction and briefing USC

There are fitness instruction hours during weekdays at 08.00, 11.00, 14.00 and 20.30 hrs
Monday and Friday no instruction at 14.00 hrs.
On Saturday there is instruction at 11.00 and 15.00 hrs.
On Sunday there is instruction at 15.00 hrs.

There are guided tours through the fitness every 30 minutes on weekdays with the exception of the times there is fitness instruction. In the weekend there are tours every 30 minutes.


Particularly when starting out with any sport, it is important to have the right guidance to stay motivated and prevent injury. Working out is the ultimate way to improve your health and work specifically towards achieving your training goals. Once you’ve got the hang of things and are nice and active, it becomes important to keep yourself interested. This can be done by trying out new things or by pushing your limits. This way sport never becomes boring and encourages you to grow. There are qualified instructors present to help you with workout schedules and offer advice. Make good use of them!

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