Hockey Leiden


Hockey Leiden

Hockey at the USC

Hockey has been extremely popular for years, helped by great international and Olympic success of both the male and female national teams. Tread in our Olympic heroes’ footsteps by coming to play hockey with Thor, the student hockey club. We play on a beautiful new artificial pitch and aim to compete in the KNHB-league. The club is looking for new members! As well as playing hockey, Thor is also fanatical about the ‘third half’ – such as the ‘Thorrel’ drinking party, team dinners and a variety of tournaments.

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That hockey is more than just talent and a stick in your hands became obvious from watching the Dutch ladies team at the last Olympic Games. If you are physically fit enough to give 100%+ performance throughout a match, then you’ll have sufficient energy to stay in control of the tactical side of the game. In addition to a lot of hockey training, these ladies spend plenty of time in the gym for functional fitness - not to beef up, but to get super fit.

Teach yourself to twist and turn faster, train your explosive strength for those fierce goal attempts and increase your muscle strength for fast short sprints in the event of a time out or a long rush forward. All these are elements that can be improved through a specialised training schedule!


With a customised training schedule at our gym, you can work on improving your performance on the field and prevent injuries. Hockey asks a lot from the body - ankles, knees and back all have a lot to endure. There are several fun fitness exercises to ensure that all these muscles work together for optimal function and performance. Ask our fitness instructors for a training schedule to fit your needs and improve your performance on the field.


Can you hit a pretty good ball and would you like to play hockey with other students?  Come and check out a training session!  There are 2 training sessions per week.  Even if you have no experience, or do not want to participate in the KNHB league, you’re still very welcome!

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