HIIT Fight Leiden


HIIT Fight Leiden

High Intensity Interval Training at the USC

HIIT Fight is a 30-minute explosive high-intensity interval training workout based on martial arts techniques. Techniques from boxing and Thai boxing are alternated with kicking techniques, fast footwork, heart rate increasing elements and muscle strengthening exercises.

Is HIIT Fight for me?

HIIT Fight is ideal for anyone who wants to work on their mental and physical fitness using martial arts techniques. During this hardcore workout you try to get the most out of yourself, but you always set your own limits within that. Whoever you are and whatever your background is, you work towards your own goals with HIIT Fight.

What does a HIIT Fight class look like?

The trainer, the music and the variety in the program ensures an optimal workout every week. The HIIT Fight training is based on the alternation between fast punching techniques, fast foot movements, kicks and heart rate increase. Simple techniques and combinations are taught first and then executed as quickly as possible, with moments of rest for recovery. In between we train the upper and lower body for strength and muscular endurance. The mind goes to zero when you go for the final knockout round!

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