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n this dance class you will learn the basics of dancing in heels. Always wanted to do? Here's your chance! First, you need a good pair of heels to dance on. Preferably buy official dance heels for this, or heels that are firmly around the ankle and heel, with a heel that is not too high. If you are still very unstable, a thick block heel is nice to start with. Check! Then in the dance lessons we will work on different basic classes of dancing in heels. The most important thing is: being able to walk on heels, "the walk". If you can't walk properly on your heels, dancing becomes very difficult. We are also working on the correct posture, or "posture". In addition, we will work on various basic steps such as "the drop", "the come up" and "the hair whip". All those steps are processed in a sexy feminine choreography, which will take several weeks. Furthermore, the lesson consists of warming up, practicing basic steps, learning choreography and stretching. There is also a lot of attention for "stage performance": your appearance while you dance. This way you build a lot of confidence in this dance class. Come and shine on your heels!

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Week schedule 2020-2021

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This course is on offer in Unit 1 to 5.

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