Heels at the USC

This 'Heels' course consist of 8 lessons and is a boost for your self-confidence and will fully embrace your femininity. The style includes female hip hop and latin. The lessons consists of a warm-up followed by a choreography. You'll learn techniques which you can use in all dance styles, but above all techniques for dancing on heels. This gives you more control over your entire body. Hopefully, after this 8-week course, you will feel completely confident in heels and will dare to embrace and show your own femininity!

Of course, this lesson is not only available for women, but also for men!

Tip: Start on a sturdy block heel and work up to more narrow heels!

Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it!

See you in here!

Sport schedule 2019-2020

SaturdayCourse unit 318.3019.30Dance HallRosanne

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