Energy Balance Challenge!

Energy Balance Challenge!

Energy Balance Challenge at the USC!

When you spend the majority of your time on work/study related activities and feel as if you are neglecting the other important components of your life, this can result in stress and unhappiness.

If you don’t make enough time for yourself, you can eventually have a dis-balance in your energy- and productivity level. Work-life balance is a concept that supports the efforts to split your time and energy between work/study and the other important aspects of your life.

A good work-life balance enables you to feel as if you are paying attention to all of the important aspects of your life. A healthy lifestyle keeps you fit, energetic and reduces risk of disease.

Good nutrition, daily exercise and regular sleep are the foundations of continuous good health. But also managing stress in positive ways reduces wear and tear on your body and will keep you fit. Being fit goes beyond physical fitness. It's also about mental resilience, about staying energetic. If you feel physically and mentally fit, you're strong and capable to achieve more.

All of this can be achieved based on the choices you make in your daily life.

In this course you are being encouraged to stay in control of your energy level and your vitality. You will learn how to gain and maintain your energy, deal with setbacks and how to perform optimally under high work pressure.

One of the methods we will use is proven effective biofeedback equipment. This biofeedback equipment measures the constantly varying rhythm of the heart. This heartrate variability shows the state of emotions and how the nervous system is functioning. Through this biofeedback system we can monitor the influence of stress and how the exercises/tools influence the inner state.

The effects of the different exercises are directly noticeable, visible and measurable.

This course is especially developed for people who want to perform on a high level and want to stay healthy and feeling energetic.


You will get more grip on your emotional reactions, health and how you can maintain your energy under high work pressure to keep performing optimally.

Sport schedule 2019-2020

Day Start End Location Instructor
Tuesday Course unit 5 19.15 20.30 Conference Hall Eline


After this training

In this course of 7 sessions you will be taught a combination of theory and practical exercises to increase your vitality and resilience. Each session lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes. You may sometimes be given an assignment to practice at home.

Session 1
Theme: Vitality and resilience
Energy level – Energy sources and energy takers
Goalsetting for this course

Session 2
Theme: Effects of stress on your body and mind
Being conscious of emotions during the day
Notice & Ease

Session 3
Theme: Coherence and breathing
Baseline measurement
Heart focused breathing technique

Session 4
Theme: Influence of emotions on your HRV (Heart Rhythm Variability)
Influence your inner state
Quick coherence

Session 5
Theme: Coherent communication
Beliefs – limiting or positive
Attitude Lock-in

Session 6
Theme: Recharge and deal with setbacks
Freeze Frame technique

Session 7
Theme: Staying motivated
What if……Then…..
Personal action plan

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