Ceroc Social Dancing Leiden


Ceroc Social Dancing Leiden

Ceroc at the USC

Ceroc is most of all a fun and easy to learn social partner dance (no need to bring one), it takes moves from many other popular dance forms such as Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Jive, Swing and Tango. This fusion of a wide range of different dance styles can be danced to any modern music with a regular beat. It's dancing - but not as you know it!

We believe anyone can dance - you're a dancer as soon as you start moving to music! This is not the kind of dancing you might see on TV shows, this isn't ballet nor is it about performing. No one is here to give you scores - we're here to have fun!

Beginners Class

Ceroc is taught in a unique way, which allows you to join in at any time. Every week we teach 1 of our 8 beginners routines, lasting 45 minutes. You will learn 3 simple moves, out of the 12 basic moves, that will start to develop your core skills and basic techniques. At the end of the lesson the DJ plays two or three tracks and you can practice and dance the moves you have just learnt with the people that you have met in the class.

We normally recommend that it takes about 6 beginners' classes to master the basic moves, acquire key skills and feel comfortable to join in at Intermediate level. Don’t feel rushed though, you can step up whenever you want.

Intermediate Class

The beginners class is followed by the more challenging Intermediate class. In this session you will learn some harder moves, each of which complimenting a different dance genre, and all designed to develop a specific dance technique or new skill.

See you soon on the Dancefloor!

Registration rules

Certain registration rules apply to our group classes and fitness training, which can be found on this page. Read them carefully.


Ceroc is new to the Netherlands, it is the largest social dancing club in the UK, where thousands of people dance Ceroc every day of the week. Ceroc is a great way to meet people, have a few laughs and stay fit, both physical and mental.

For more info and/or free access to on-line classes, register at https://ceroc.nl

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