BRN at the USC

What is BRN?

BRN (pronounced: burn) is an accessible, effective and above all, attractive group class where you work on all facets for a fit and strong body. Thanks to the use of the BRN tube you burn up to 33% extra calories and maximize on FUN! This workout burns no less than 780 kcal and gets your entire body into shape! Cardio, muscle strengthening exercises and core training in one workout.

What are the BRN tubes?

During BRN you hold 1 tube in each hand, filled with grit. At the beginning and end of each movement, the tube places an extra load on the muscles, also called Reactive Impact. What does that come down to? You shape your body in an unique and safe way and burn extra calories (up to 33% extra!).

Who is BRN for?

This is for you if you want to effectively shape your core, buttocks and legs and above all having fun while doing it!

BRN has the same format for 3 months which make it easy to follow. Each class also has the option for variations to intensify the workout so you can participate as a beginner as well as advanced and challenge yourself at your own level.

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