Boxing Leiden


Boxing Leiden

Boxing at the USC

Boxing is a strategic combat sport that emphasizes ring awareness, coordination of feet, eyes, and hands, while enhancing overall fitness. It provides a full-body workout, refining coordination, speed, and endurance through calculated punches and footwork. Not just a workout, boxing is an enjoyable method to improve cardio, build muscle, relieve stress, and acquire self-defence skills.

At USC, our boxing training is inclusive, welcoming everyone - men and women, beginners to advanced enthusiasts. Our sessions primarily focus on glove work and punching bags. Each class kicks off with a cardio and strength-focused warm-up, followed by paired training involving different combinations. Finally, participants engage in a brief sparring session to apply the learned techniques. Interested in joining a boxing lesson? You're more than welcome to join us anytime for a rewarding training session!

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