Body Shape


Body Shape

Body Shape at the USC

Do you want to work on your figure or are you just looking for a course with variation, then BodyShape is the course to follow. The course starts with a warming up followed by aerobics to get the heart pumping. Then we go on to the muscle enhancing exercises, focused on chest, glutes, abs and legs. These are trained using steps and/or dynabands. The course ends with a cooling down.

Week schedule 2019-2020

Sport Start End Location Instructor
No schedule for this sport has been announced as of yet.


Together you will achieve more. This not only applies to sport but to almost anything in life. By taking part in the group classes you can enhance your social network while working out and let the group keep you motivated to keep going! Alternate your group classes with specific strength training in the gym for better core stability, more muscle strength and overall stability. This will make you stronger, fitter and more vital. Our fitness instructors are happy to help you create a specific training schedule.

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