BodyShape The Hague


BodyShape The Hague

Body Shape at the USC

BodyShape focuses on toning and strengthening the body through a variety of exercises targeting different muscle groups. This dynamic workout incorporates elements of strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises to help participants sculpt their physique, improve endurance, and enhance overall fitness levels.

If you want to work on your figure and/or are looking for a class with a lot of variety, then the body shape class is the right place for you. The focus is on improving body contours. In addition to the fitness element, the BodyShape classes include alternating dynamic and static floor exercises in which both large and small muscle groups are trained with and without weights. During the class you will work on improving your fitness, muscle strength, posture and muscle endurance.

The class starts with a warm-up after which we continue with aerobics to get the heart rate up. Then come the muscle strengthening exercises aimed at the buttocks, abdomen and legs. These are trained in a varied manner using weights and/or a dynaband. We end with a well-deserved cool-down. All in all, a class where you will train your entire body in an enjoyable way.

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