Beach volleyball Leiden


Beach volleyball Leiden

Beachvolleybal at the USC

The USC has two beach volleyball courts. We can also arrange training sessions/clinics upon request.

Beach volleyball has becoming increasingly popular over the past few years, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere. It became an Olympic sport in 1996 and more and more people are taking it up at all levels. During official matches there are two players per team, on a court measuring 8 x 8 meters (indoor volleyball is played with teams of six on a 9 x 9 meter court). Other differences include: players do not have a designated position on the court; the first and third ball must always be played using hard contact; and there are three sets per match (sets one and two go to 21 points, whereas set three goes to 15 points). To play beach volleyball you need to master quite a few techniques, but there is always a great atmosphere, especially on sunny days! Watch the film below to get an idea of what it’s all about.


In volleyball, fitness, strength, ball-skills and speed are the central focus. A beginner will want to focus mainly on technique at first. To improve, you will have to work on your strength and fitness in addition to your volleyball skills and game insight. Increase your jumping power and improve your fitness, reflexes and stability.

Top volleyball players like Ron Zwerver, Peter Blange and Henk Jan Held did not spend time in the gym for nothing. Specific strength training can make all the difference in a game and allow you to respond to situations stronger and faster. It also helps prevent injury. Not only do more muscles provide a better support and stability for joints, they also protect your body when you hit the floor while taking one of the many dives.


A regular visit to our gym will ensure optimal fitness on the field. You will focus mainly on increasing your muscle strength and power. Be sure to include all the major muscle groups in your training schedule, concentrating mainly on leg and gluteal muscles to improve your jumping strength; chest and shoulders for a better serve and smash; and abdominal muscles for a stronger block. Strength training helps you to prevent injury and ensures that you have even more fun while playing the game. Ask our fitness instructors for a workout schedule to fit your needs.

Get inspired!

Not only is beach volleyball fun, it’s also good for your fitness levels. Watch the video and let yourself be inspired to give it a try. Would you like to improve your beach volleyball skills? Or perhaps improve your strength and fitness levels by following a tailor-made training scheme? Then why don’t you ask one of our trainers or instructors for more information.  

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