Basketball Leiden


Basketball Leiden

Basketball at the USC

Many have played basketball before at school - dribbling, turning and crossing over, all while keeping an eye on your teammates and opponents. Jumping up to launch your shot… Yes, three-pointer! There are many opportunities to play basketball at the USC: by signing up for our general training, hiring a hall with friends or registering with our fun LUSV Basketball students’ union.

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Basketball is a game of speed, mobility, power and cardiovascular fitness. The game has a strong explosive character, switching constantly and leaving little room for error. Who doesn’t remember Rik Smits, the Dutch basketball player who achieved success in the United States with a professional career spanning 12 years and NBA All Star status? He would never have made it that far on basketball practice alone. Gym workouts were an important part of his training routine.


Basketball is a great game that once you’ve started you’ll want to play more often and will enjoy even more if you train for it. Knees, back, ankles, shoulders and arms are all put under a certain amount of strain. Muscles used in basketball can be specifically trained in our fitness centre. Ask our fitness instructors for a workout routine to improve your performance on the basketball court and prevent any injuries.


If you would like to make a flying start with basketball in a fun and sociable way, then your best option is to join LUSV:  Leiden University Sports Organisation.  Depending on your aspirations you can train once or twice a week.  As well as regular competitions, LUSV organises small internal tournaments and a large international tournament annually, during which several teams from neighboring countries come to Leiden for an unforgettable weekend. There are several get-togethers all year round and the season is closed with a great barbeque. 

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