Ballet Leiden


Ballet Leiden

Ballet at the USC

Ballet is an expressive dance focusing on technique, strength, and artistic interpretation. It blends fluid movements, precise footwork, and graceful poses to enhance flexibility, endurance, and posture. Ballet challenges you to engage nearly all muscle groups, improving body awareness and fitness. As the foundation of all dance styles, ballet is a valuable addition for any dancer.

In the class, attention is given to the fundamentals of ballet, as well as delving deeper into technique, musicality, and expression. Our ballet class at the USC is suitable for all levels, with the instructor offering various options and exercises to meet individual needs. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced ballet dancer, our class provides an enjoyable and challenging experience focusing on strength, flexibility, and coordination.

The class begins with a comprehensive warm-up at the barre, emphasizing correct technique to prevent injuries. Subsequently, different combinations are executed, integrating technique, expression, and musicality. The class concludes with exercises across the diagonal, often including jumps or pirouettes.

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