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Ballet The Hague

Ballet at the USC

Ballet is an expressive dance that focuses on precision, strength, and artistic interpretation. Rooted in classical techniques, ballet combines fluid movements, precise footwork, and graceful poses contributing to the improvement of your flexibility, endurance, and posture.

Our classes are for all experience levels, welcoming both aspiring ballet dancers and those already skilled in the art. Whether you're a beginner or advanced ballet dancer, our sessions provide a blend of fun and focused learning, improving your strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Each class emphasizes ballet basics, technique, musicality and appearance. Beginners are warmly welcomed, and experienced dancers will find challenges tailored to their level. Engaging various muscle groups, ballet enhances body awareness and overall fitness - beneficial for dancers of all styles. We offer a class suitable for all levels, where the instructor provides diverse options and exercises based on each participant's level.

Classes start with an extensive warming up at the barre, prioritizing correct technique to prevent injuries. Subsequently, several combinations are made in the middle where the technique comes together with appearance and musicality. If there is time, the class is concluded with exercises over the diagonal, often jumps or pirouettes.

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Certain registration rules apply to our group classes, which can be found on this page. Read them carefully.

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