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Ballet The Hague

Ballet at the USC

Join our ballet classes! These are suitable for all levels of experience. Whether you are an inspiring Ballet dancer or already trained in the art: we offer a fun class that helps you develop strength, flexibility and coordination.

This lesson focuses on the basics of ballet, but also focuses on technique, musicality and appearance. It's never too late to start ballet, previous experience is a plus, but absolutely not a requirement. The lesson is intended for both beginners and advanced students and is also designed for everyone's own level. Exercises are made more challenging for experienced dancers and simplified for beginners.

Ballet challenges you to use muscle groups the existence of which you may have been unaware of. Ballet is the basis of every dance style and therefore a good addition for every dancer. In a good ballet class, almost all muscle groups are activated. Partly because of this, ballet improves body awareness and makes you fit.

The lesson starts with an extensive warming up at the barre, where the main focus is on the correct technique. By learning this, injuries are prevented. Subsequently, a number of combinations are made in the middle where the technique comes together with appearance and musicality. If there is time, it is concluded with exercises over the diagonal, often jumps or pirouettes.

What to expect:

The USC offers mixed-level classes designed for fun, filled with Beginners to advanced.

Beginners- your learning experience will focus on an introduction to basic steps, and terminology.

Intermediate- your learning experience will focus on coordination, strength and flexibility.

Advance- your learning experience will focus on musicality and how precise the control of the body is.

Registration rules

Certain registration rules apply to our group classes and fitness training, which can be found on this page. Read them carefully.

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