Ballet Barre Workout


Ballet Barre Workout

Ballet Barre Workout at the USC

Barre fitness is the latest workout trend. Ballet Barre Workout is the first workout at the ballet barre in the Netherlands!

Ballet Barre Workout is an accessible, modern and energetic ballet workout which trains your whole body. You’ll work on your posture, strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. No ballet leotards or hair buns are required. And instead of the soothing tones of Bach you’ll be moving to the beats of Beyoncé, amongst others.

Ballet Barre Workout is for both men and women and helps increase body-awareness and self-confidence.

There’s a dancer in all of us. Let it show!

Ballet barre workouts are popular with celebrities, including the likes of Madonna, Kelly Osbourne and Natalie Portman. After its success in America, Australia, England and France, the ballet barre workout have finally reached the Netherlands!

Sport schedule 2019-2020

Day Start End Location Instructor
Tuesday Course Unit 5 20.00 20.55 Dance hall Helena

From Couch potato to go-getter

Dancing is an ideal way to relax after a hard day’s work or study. It is also a perfect way for the expressive sports person to let their creative energy flow. Above all it is a fun way to make new contacts and expand your social network with an active and creative pastime. At the USC you can choose from a wide variety of dance classes at all levels of experience which ensures your weekly dance class will never become boring!

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