Badminton Leiden


Badminton Leiden

Badminton at the USC

Most of us have played badminton before! If not during camping holidays, then on a nice summer evening outside.

Badminton is a reaction-sport that requires fast actions using your arms, hands, legs, feet and head all at the same time. An intense and exhausting sport that really tests your stamina. The combination of effort, skill, challenge and the all important social aspect make it a well-rounded sport.

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If you would like to start learning to play badminton in a fun, sociable and serious way, or take part in competitions, then you can choose to become a member of the Badminton Student Club Leiden (BSC Leiden) students’ union. The union is active at the USC, with weekly training sessions and some members playing at competition level. There are weekly opportunities for recreational play –with walk-in option- in the Sports Hall or Hall A/B. Another option for recreational play is to reserve a hall.

As well as weekly training sessions, BSC organises many internal competitions, enters in student competitions at home and abroad and offers a wide variety of fun activities unrelated to badminton. There is also a monthly gathering for members!


Do you want to counter every hit? Make every game a tough battle for your opponent? Badminton is an explosive sport that takes speed and stamina. To further improve your badminton skills you will need to be in great shape mentally and physically, as well as having great technical skills and understanding of the game. Suppleness, flexibility, jumping strength, coordination and durability all greatly influence your game. Mentally speaking it is important that you learn to deal with competition tension and have the willpower to make every shot count. Physically, you will see a vast improvement when following the right fitness routine. It is also important to take time for a cool down after every training session to increase muscle flexibility.


You will notice your badminton skills improving rapidly with regular visits to our fitness centre. For a badminton player it is important to have enough explosive strength and stability in the legs. Speed, flexibility and powerful shoulders, back, neck and abs also have large influence on your performance on the court. With a specific fitness routine you can work towards increasing your explosive strength and stamina, as well as preventing injuries. Ask our fitness instructor for a fitness schedule to fit your needs.

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