Aerial Acrobatics


Aerial Acrobatics

Aerial Acrobatics at the USC

Important notice: Activities at the USC during this Pandemic are under strict conditions. Read the Rules and Conditions carefully.

Perhaps you have seen it on television or at the Cirque du Soleil: Aerial Acrobatics. Acrobats climb, descend and ‘play’ with a so-called ‘tissu’ hanging from the nook of the ceiling. This tissu is manufactured from specialist silk and therefore offers extra grip and support. This makes it possible to perform special acrobatic exercises.

Would you like to try this creative and graceful activity? Grab this unique opportunity to get introduced to this remarkable sport. You can experience it at the USC!

Week schedule 2020-2021

The new sports schedule 2020-2021 will be here from 30 August.

Click here for the provisional sport schedule 2020-2021.

Sport Start End Location Instructor
No schedule for this sport has been announced as of yet.

To improve at Aerial Acrobatics, enthusiasm, patience and perseverance are important. After a good warm up with challenging exercises to great ‘world’ music, it’s time for the aerial acrobatics! Due to the diversity of the moves your whole body will become stronger and more flexible. Naturally your shoulder- and arm muscles will be considerably strengthened, and don’t forget about the muscles you’ll use laughing!FROM COUCH POTATO to GO-GETTER!


As well as creativity and flexibility, strength also plays an important part during aerial acrobatics exercises. By adding strength exercises in the gym as well as participating in your classes, you will become fitter and stronger. You will also feel more certain of yourself while up in the air. Ask our fitness instructors for a training schedule to fit your needs.


You don’t have to be a ‘super acrobat’ to join this course.  So, if you would like to know what it’s like to be ‘in the air’ and experience the concept of ‘space’ in a different way, then hesitate no more and apply for this course.  Once you are at the required level, you can join the regular training group that trains all year round. 

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