6x6 Football


6x6 Football

6x6 Football competition at the USC

Join in this spectacular sport. You can create your own football team from, for example, fellow students, housemates, club members or anyone else, to play in competitions. A thrilling final will determine which team is the best!

General Information

Registration is done by the team captain at the reception in the main building of the USC. € 20.00 registration fee per team.

The team consists of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 players under the age of 27. At least 5 participants of the team must be in the possession of a valid USC membership during the competition period (this does not include day tickets). Any other players must buy a day ticket at the reception before the start of each match.

The team captain notifies the USC on the day of the match which players attend the game. All participants in the competition scan the QR code at the football field with the Access Control APP before the start of the match. During or afterwards it can be checked whether everyone who is registered by the team captain has checked-in.

The sports centre provides referees, the field, the ball and the cup.

The competition lasts a total of 6 weeks, the matches are played from 4:25 PM to 5:55 PM on the right-hand side of the football field.

Start registration: 11-5-2021, until: 21-5-2021.

- Round 1 Tuesday 25-5-2021

- Round 2 Tuesday 01-6-2021

- Round 3 Tuesday 08-6-2021

- Round 4 Tuesday 15-6-2021

- Round 5 Tuesday 22-6-2021

- Round 6 Tuesday 29-6-2021

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