Sport membership

Sport membership

Inexpensive sports at the USC

The USC is more than just sport and action. It’s the mix of sociability, fitness, strength, dance, sports and games that gets you working out every week. With no less than 55 different sports and 10.000 m2 of sports fun on offer, there is a unique opportunity to find out what you enjoy and to achieve your sports goals. We have available: dance, fitness, several team sports, body & mind, a variety of defence sports and a large number of group classes. There is something for everyone! We can also help if you are dealing with an injury or are interested in dietary advice.

A membership allows you to try out the sports of our Sport Associations for free, one time. To join the regular trainings and competitions registration with the association is required at an additional fee.


A sports membership can be purchased by students and staff of Leiden University or the LUMC* and HBO students from the Hogeschool Leiden. Students from other universities and HBO institutions can also purchase a sports membership.

* Includes retired employees of Leiden University and the LUMC.

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